Watch what happens when a stunt driver takes an unsuspecting guy on a date in a Ford Mustang


By David Gianatasio. Persson, a leading stunt car driver, was hired by the automaker for a prank video from Team Detroit and production house The Work. The guys in the clip, all aspiring actors, believe they’re auditioning for a new dating show starring Persson, and are unaware of her skills behind the wheel. After meeting in a bistro for supposed “chemistry checks,” Persson takes each for a spin in her red Mustang GT, which is fitted with hidden cameras, naturally. At first, the dudes act all macho. One brags that he’s “a very adventurous guy. Yet another offers to drive so he can show Persson “what this thing can do. Ultimately, she shows them, in an empty parking lot, with some crazy-ass, high-speed driving straight out of an action movie.

Ford Pranks Unsuspecting Men with Mustang Speed Dating Gag

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Day video on its ear by giving unsuspecting bachelors the ride of their lives compliments of one amazing female stunt driver and a new red Mustang.

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To achieve this in the Canadian market, Ford hosted live events which encouraged consumers to try activities like axe throwing, mechanical bull riding and MMA fighting. The live events also featured the core model Ford cars, which were displayed on site for consumers to see and test drive. By taking the new design to the road using a range of creative events, Ford reframed itself as a fun and innovative brand while showcasing their core product – the car.

Ad of the Day: Ford Pranks Guys by Sending Them on a Blind Date With a Stunt Driver

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WATCH: Ford’s Mustang Speed Dating Prank The advertisement is a part of the roll out for Ford’s Mustang. “Let me drive it, I’ll show you.

Ford has recently launched a new campaign to promote the recently redesigned Mustang by setting up men for speed dating. The men are completely unaware that the woman they are meeting is a professional stunt driver. After pleasantries and small talk is exchanged, the stunt driver takes the unsuspecting men out for a ride in her new Mustang.

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As the launch of the Ford Mustang approached, Ford was confident its new sporty car was on target. Its job now was to let the country know about this new kind of car. America had scarcely seen anything like it. With the curtain poised to rise in early , Dearborn marketers shifted into overdrive to get the public ready for Mustang.

If the concept of the ad doesn’t hook you, the unbridled joy of the surprised passengers (well most of them) certainly will. It’s the kind of idea that makes you realize.

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Female stunt driver puts a new spin on speed dating!

Top Gear’s very own Korea-US summit, and this one’s much more hostile. The first time I drove one, though, I suspected different. It felt big-hearted and hairy-chested, and in damp conditions, its rear wheels smeared around at the tiniest hint of throttle.

The best first date ever? Pro stunt driver Prestin Persson pranks her dates by taking them for a drive and pulling mph stunt moves in her.

We’re amazed at the misconceptions ahoof about those early classic Mustangs; those classified ads worded “For Sale Mustang. Truth is, there has never been a ’64 Mustang, ever. And honestly, whom are you kidding? Not much and yet everything. From 50 feet away, they look the same; close up, they host quite a number of differences. Early ’65 Mustangs have the distinction of being the first block of Ponies ever produced. They were an integral part of the Mustang madness that swept the world in When the Mustang entered production early in March , it didn’t have many of the refinements it would have later on; call it a reskinned Falcon with bucket seats.

These are features exclusive to Mustangs built between early March and July 31, scheduled build date code only. This former PHR cover car makes a comeback with a detailed restoration.

Ford’s Latest Prank Video Is Mustang Speed Dating

Ford is a leader in the car industry and has brought a sneak peek of a Mustang-inspired. Soon the world will see what the “Mustang inspired” electric vehicle is all about with the new launch date of November 17th. The thrill of untamed electricity can be felt in the air as the new vehicle is heading this way. It’s time to get ready and meet the newest member of the family with the all new all electric Mustang. Be the first to see if on our showroom floor and reserve your Mustang today!

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The Ford Mustang Mach-E marks a huge departure for the quintessential muscle car name. While that may boil the blood of die-hard Mustang fans , the end result could prove to be a fairly promising — and fun — family car. Ford claims the rear-wheel drive cars with lb ft of torque and, depending on the battery pack fitted, bhp or bhp can go from mph in under eight seconds, and quotes a sub-seven seconds mph for the all-wheel drive cars with lb ft and bhp or bhp.

Despite the various power outputs and acceleration times, every Ford Mustang Mach-E variant has the same top speed, as all versions will be limited to mph. Ford is quoting some fairly impressive ranges for its pure-electric SUV. Based on its own tests, the car maker is quoting an estimate miles per charge on the WLTP test for the rear-wheel drive car with the Assuming those ranges are indicative of what production-spec cars will be capable of, that means the Comprehensive charging times will be revealed closer to launch, though Ford has released estimate speeds for various charging points.

A wallbox can top up the batteries with around 27 miles worth of range every hour, with publicly available 50kW rapid charging points able to replenish up to miles of range in the same time. For really rapid top-ups, the Mustang Mach-E can accept a kW rapid charge, which is good for up to miles per hour.

Watch: Professional female stunt driver pranks men during blind dates

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, pinks hearts, red roses, and boxes of chocolate are everywhere. Valentine’s Day is upon us! So Ford decided to join the fun with three-minutes of smoking tires and confused men in a commercial titled “Speed Dating. To create a sense of vulnerability and to give each guy a chance to show off their machismo, the woman would act as if she were uncomfortable behind the wheel of powerful sports car.

Attractive stunt driver pranks unsuspecting guys in ‘Mustang Speed Dating ‘ To promote the Mustang, Ford set up a Valentine’s Day stunt not Nike’s ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ ad clocks up 40 Million views 6 days ago ALL.

Pocket-lint – Ford has come up with a hilarious prank and turned it into a Valentine’s Day ad campaign. The car maker decided to set up a female stunt driver on several blind dates with men who had no idea she was in fact a stunt driver. During each date, she meets with a guy in a coffee shop. When their coffee is finished, she asks him to go for a ride in her shiny Mustang, literally putting a new spin on speed dating.

But of course, before she roars up the engine and takes off, she nervously informs her date that she “doesn’t really know how to drive stick”, to which the men either nervously laugh or offer drive or even brag about being able to show her what “this thing can really do”. She just giggles in response and steps on the pedal. After a bit of driving and small talk, the woman finally cranks things up and proves that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Watch the video to see the action unfold for yourself.

There’s even some whimpering involved. It’s awesome. What is the Pocket-lint daily and how do you get it for free?

The 2020 Ford Shelby Mustang is a savage, daily-driver muscle car

Entitled Speed Dating , the video begins with technicians installing hidden cameras inside the Mustang. Then a series of guys show up at a coffee shop for a blind date. After chatting a bit, the woman takes each of her dates for a ride in a shiny red Mustang GT. At first, when she pretends to fumble with the manual transmission, some of the men give helpful suggestions and a couple even offer to take over for her.

Posted: Feb 12, BE.

They fitted a Mustang with cameras to capture the driver and passenger, then launched a gorgeous stunt driver onto the blind date market, luring unsuspecting guys to go for a drive in her Mustang, at which point she puts her foot down, thrashes the car like only a stunt driver can and simultaneously smashes her passengers per-conceptions of attractive female drivers. But as difficult as it is to achieve, if you start with truly, intuitively understanding your customer — then come up with a cool idea with real potential to engage, you certainly get the odds working in your favor.

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1965 1966 Ford Mustang

The Blue Oval delivers surprise of a different type to their Halloween car wash , setting up a group of guys who think they’re on a date with someone that checks a few boxes on a certain stereotype checklist. Expectations are shattered, however, when our driver ” just needs to make a quick turn” in an empty carpark Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search. Trending articles. New Toyota Tundra ready for Australia if

The Ford Mustang Shelby GT is a future classic, and unlike its It’s sublime thanks to a brilliant implementation of a seven-speed The Ford Mustang Shelby GT is the most powerful Mustang to date, and I would.

Is gender really that important when it comes to driving skills? Let this short video featuring the 6th generation Ford Mustang answer that long-debated topic. Want to find out what happened next? Find out more info, request a brochure, or request a quote by sending an inquiry below. For more information on how we handle personal information, please read our privacy policy. Cars Motorcycles Trucks. Insurance Servicing. Pickup Truck. Station Wagon. First Name Last Name. Phone Number Your Location in the Philippines.

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